#26 Top 15 French Rap

Born in 1991, Parisian from the 92nd arrondissement, @guizmolabanquise was electrocuted by rap when he was only 7 years old listening to Tupac’s “Changes”.
Growing up in the streets of Paris, he immediately came into contact with the crime that led him, very young, to prison. Once he got out, he decided to devote himself completely to Rap having met characters like Alpha Wann (another pillar of Parisian rap) and got himself talked about with a series of freestyle on Youtube and the victory at some Freestyle battles.
His solo debut is in 2011 with the album “Normal” which contains a fair number of hits including the powerful “Ramène moi n’importe lequel” and some calmer songs.
In 2012, after the controversial split with his band (Entourage) he announces that he will release an album every 6 months, he succeeds for 4 years, between controversy, dissing with his old band and struggles with alcoholism as he explained @dalapaipai a few weeks ago in Wesh Wesh!
His style is inspired by the old school in New York and he winks at new trends, so Guizmo is appreciated by rappers and the general public.
Often in his albums you can find songs with very long stanzas without chorus, the last “History X” of a few months ago, lasts 7 minutes.
Guizmo’s last track is “Si tu m’entend” a painful and very deep letter to his father on a touching instrumental produced by 2VLB & Crizus Miller, accompanied by a black and white video that excites for the lyrics and for the delivery.

“Si tu m’entend” is present in the top 15 of the French rap edited by Caoimhin & DJ Kamo on air on Sunday at 6pm and available in podcast on our website and app.

Here is the complete ranking:

15.Tonio Le Vakeso -Cool
14. Cenza -Saison
13. Saké – Un pas devant l’autre
12. Guizmo – Si tu m’entends
11. Karlite x Ali x Pone – Au delà de l’horizon

Classic :Fonky Family – Sans Rémission

10. Zed Yun Pavarotti – Mon Dieu
9. Joysad – 6 Euros
8. Roméo Elvis – Chaud
7. Ichon – Litanie
6. Sniper x Zoxea – Oeuvre d’art
5. Kery James ft. Féfé – Blues
4. Niro – Intro / Chiffres de vente
3. Mac Tyer ft. Ninho – Motorcycle
2. Booba – Dolce Vita
1. Alkpote – Pharaon



It is the program curated by Caoimhin and DJ Kamo with the top 15 of the most broadcast French rap songs on RapBeats.


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