#25 Top 15 French Rap

As every week the top 15 French Rap on Rap Beats Radio is curated by Caoimhin and DJ Kamo and as every week in the program is included a super classic, this week is the turn of Fabe, member of the historic Parisian collective Scred Connexion with Koma, Haroun, Mokless et Morad, with the addition of Butch.
The track “Rien ne change à part les saisons” in collaboration with Dany Dan produced by DJ Safe, is contained in the album “Lentement mais sûrement” released in 1996.
Inspired by a phrase by Dany Dan in “Le peuple a raison”, this song is a pure concentrate of style and technique.
Dan throws out some great punchlines while Fabe denounces once again the problems of young people and society.
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Here is the complete ranking:

15. Ichon – Litanie
14. Roméo Elvis – Chaud
13. Jarod – Boulot le dimanche
12. Django – A l’envers
11. LIM – Cogite

CLASSIC Fabe ft. Dany Dan – Rien ne change à part les saisons

10. Karlito ft. Pone et Ali – Au delà de l’horizon
9. Hippocampe Fou – Swipe Right
8. PLK – C’est mort
7. Booba – Dolce Vita
6. Kery James ft. Féfé – Blues
5. Saké – Un pas devant l’autre
4. Davodka – Pulsion Textuelle
3. Alkpote – Vieillasse – Noix de Saint Jacques
2. Lefa ft. SCH – Smile
1. Guizmo – Si tu m’entends



It is the program curated by Caoimhin and DJ Kamo with the top 15 of the most broadcast French rap songs on RapBeats.


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